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Degree Programs

Degree Programs

Graduate Master’s Course

  •  Students who have completed a Certificate in the CIU or have a Bachelor's degree in the CIU can earn credits when applying for a master's degree. Depending on the circumstances, or in very special cases, the credit transfers may be determined by the dean of academic affairs.

  •  In order to be admitted to a graduate school, the following must be fulfilled.
  1) Fully completed application form
  2) Fee (Non-refundable)
  3) Bachelor's Degree Certificate or equivalent document (A sealed official English transcript from all higher education institutions should be mailed to the Office of Academic Affairs).

  •  The grades on the transcripts should meet the requirement of the school.
  1) Overall GPA 2.5 (out of 4.0)
  2) Two letters of recommendation (various forms are provided by the administrative office)
  3) An essay (more than 250 words) on your faith commitment and why you want to attend the seminary at Cornerstone International University
  4) Research objectives and post-graduation ministry plan (250 words or more)
  5) Two recent photos (1.5 inches x 1.5 inches)

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